May 26-28 2005 | Vancouver, Canada



The New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference was founded in 2001 to explore new musical interface design and create an international network of people active in this field from academic, performance and industry perspectives. The initial NIME workshop held at CHI 2001 in Seattle has been followed by international conferences in Dublin, Montreal and Hamamatsu. Each conference has been comprised of three full-days of events including keynote speakers, research papers, demos and live performances. The fifth NIME conference will be held in Vancouver, Canada at the University of British Columbia in May 2005.

The NIME organization seeks to:

  • establish a yearly international conference to discuss the challenges and potentials of new musical interface design, research and experience.
  • facilitate communication between organizations and individuals active in areas of musical interface/controller design, research and performance.
  • promote interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations between the fields of music, education, technology, science, entertainment, the arts and human computer interaction.
  • provide new venues for research, performance, demonstration, and exhibition of work related to NIME's mission.

For information on previous NIME conferences, please see the NIME website:

Submission Guidelines

Organizations or persons from any part of the world may make a submission to host a NIME conference. Proposals will be accepted from educational institutes (universities, art schools, museums, etc.), artistic, cultural or scientific organizations, and/or umbrella organizations created for the purpose of hosting a NIME conference.

Please Note: Applicants must be able to demonstrate evidence of organizing earlier, comparable and successful events. Applicants should also show some evidence of support and feasibility of their financial plan.

Each submission must include the following:

  1. A designated individual or individuals (the conference chair or co-chairs), through whom all communication between the NIME Executive Committee and the organizers will be channeled.
  2. A budget plan including projected sources of funding.
  3. Proposed registration fees.
  4. A timeline, including dates for the call for participation, review process deadlines, and dates of conference.
  5. A preliminary conference schedule.
  6. A list of institutions participating in the organization and hosting of the NIME conference, together with a plan outlining the conference organizational structure.
  7. A description of facilities and resources for presentation of papers, performances, exhibition and demo spaces, along with technical support for these spaces.

If such information is not available at the time of submission, prospective bidders must indicate which elements of the proposal are affected and give an estimate of when the information will be available. It is the bidder's responsibility to update and complete the package prior to final selection by NIME's Executive Committee.

General Conditions

The Host Organization is the producer of the event. In this capacity the Host is required to do its utmost to gather the necessary means to organize the conference. In order to do so, it may freely solicit any and all public and private funding organizations, institutions, sponsors and partners in any country. It also has the right to set registration fees and costs as needed to cover all production and promotion of events associated with NIME conference. These fees should be established in consultation with the Executive Committee, and should be commensurate with previous conferences. Reduced registration fees and/or opportunities for volunteering should be made available to students and people from disadvantaged backgrounds or countries.

The conference program is based on the results of an international Call for Papers & Participation (CFP), selected by a Program Review Committee that consists of internationally renowned experts in the field. The Host Organization is encouraged to include several invited speakers, performers, exhibitors, etc. in the program if possible, in addition to those selected through the review process.

The Host Organization agrees to publish illustrated conference proceedings, documenting papers, reports, demos and performances as a minimum requirement in print and digital formats. These proceedings will be made available to those attending the event. The Host Organization will create an archive for public access on the NIME website.

Selection Process and Deadlines

NIME Executive committee currently invites those interested in hosting NIME 2006 to submit proposals. The following schedule applies to this call for bids:

FEBRUARY 15, 2005: Deadline for letters of interest - indicating location, host organization, year, and dates of the proposed conference
MARCH 15, 2005: Committee vote on submissions
APRIL 15, 2005: Deadline for full proposals
MAY 15, 2005: Announcement of NIME 2006 host

Contact Information

All letters of intent must be sent by post, fax or email to Sidney Fels by February 15, 2005. No late submissions will be accepted.

Sidney Fels, Associate Professor
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of British Columbia
2356 Main
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6T 1Z4
phone: +1 604 822-5338 fax: +1 604 822-5949