May 26-28 2005 | Vancouver, Canada

NIME 2005 ChucK Workshop

Note: Please head to the registration desk in the FSC Atrium to pick up your conference materials before heading to the workshop in room 1611.

name: Mapping Controllers with ChucK
workshoppers: Ge Wang, Perry Cook, Ananya Misra, Ajay Kapur
cost: to be announced
date: May 25th, 2005
time: 1/2 day
location: Vancouver, BC, (exact location to be announced)


ChucK is a new audio programming language for real-time sound synthesis (and analysis) ChucK's language-level control over precise-timing and concurrency makes it a powerful tool for synthesis and controller mapping. ChucK combines the rapid prototyping aspect (and ease) of Pd with the fundamental expressiveness of C/C++. Participants can quickly learn to write complex (yet easy to read) synthesis/controller code.

What is ChucK?

  • an audio programming language (real-time synthesis, analysis, and input devices)
  • strongly-timed, precise control over time
  • concurrent programming
  • on-the-fly (write/edit code at runtime)
  • expressive, powerful, and rapid controller programming
  • powerful yet easy-to-learn

What to expect:

  • focused introduction to ChucK (no prior experience with ChucK necessary)
  • mapping controllers with ChucK
    • real-time sound synthesis
    • basic real-time controller (by example)
    • basic input/output
      • MIDI
      • OSC
    • polling controllers at ANY rate
    • multiple control rates
    • events
    • properties/guarantees of ChucK + controllers
  • advanced features (made easy) in ChucK
    • on-the-fly mapping change
    • on-the-fly programming of mapping
    • precisely-timed recording (and playback) of sensor data
    • concurrency
      • triggering and controlling concurrent processes from input
      • using same controller to simultaneously control multiple patches
    • visualizing and debugging controller mapping on-the-fly with the Audicle graphical environment
    • on-the-fly robotics
  • will show all the above from scratch, leaving no step out...
  • last 1/3 of workshop will be "lab-time" / hands-on tutorials
    • installing ChucK
    • writing a simple program
    • program a controller with ChucK
    • bring your laptops (there may be machines available)

For more information, please see the ChucK website at Princeton.