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Thursday, June 7

Session 1 - Afternoon
  • Matching Parts: Inner Voice Led Control for Symbolic and Audio Accompaniment
    Nick Collins
  • Rage in Conjunction with the Machine
    Mark Cartwright, Matt Jones, Hiroko Terasawa
  • Introducing Pitch, Melody and Harmony into Robotic Musicianship
    Gil Weinberg, Scott Driscoll
  • B-Keeper: A Beat-Tracker for Live Performance
    Andrew Robertson, Mark Plumbley
  • Integrating HyperInstruments, Musical Robots & Machine Musicianship for North Indian...
    Ajay Kapur, Eric Singer, George Tzanetakis
  • The Wrist-Conductor
    Arthur Clay, Dennis Majoe
  • Design Issues in Interaction Modeling for Free Improvisation
    William Hsu
  • fMRI-Compatible Electronic Controllers
    Avrum Hollinger, Virginia Penhune, Robert Zatorre
  • GHI project and "Cyber Kendang"
    Yoichi Nagashima
  • Sensillum : an improvisational approach to composition
    Shinichiro Toyoda
  • The Samchillian Tip Tip Tip Cheeepeeeee: A Relativistic Keyboard Instrument
    Leon Gruenbaum
  • Interfacing Audiences Into the Compositional Process
    Jason Freeman
  • The ColorDex DJ Systems: A New Interface for Live Music Mixing
    Nicolas Villar, Matt Jervis, Alexander Lang
  • The WaveSaw: A Flexible Instrument for Direct Timbral Manipulation
    Luke Dahl, Nathan Whetsell, John Van Stoecker
  • >hot_strings SIG<
    Cornelius Poepel, Günter Marx
  • Visual Feedback in Performer-Machine Interaction for Musical Improvisation
    Alexandre Francois, Elaine Chew, Dennis Thurmond
  • Effortful Interaction: Playing the Edge-trimmer
    Nicholas Ward, Peter Bennett, Sile O'Modhrain

Friday, June 8

Session 2 - Afternoon
  • >hot_strings SIG<
    Cornelius Poepel, Günter Marx
  • Tactophonics - Your Favourite Thing Would Like to Sing
    Andrew Cook
  • Diamair, Composing for Choir and Integral Music Controller
    Miguel Angel Ortiz Perez, Benjamin Knapp, Michael Alcorn
  • Interactive Spatialization and Sound Design using an Evolutionary System
    José Eduardo Fornari, Adolfo Maia Jr., Jônatas Manzolli
  • EyeMusic: Performing Live Music and Multimedia Compositions with Eye Movements
    Anthony Hornof, Troy Rogers, Tim Halverson
  • The FrankenPipe: A Novel Bagpipe Controller
    Turner Kirk, Colby Leider
  • Developing multimodal interactive systems with EyesWeb XMI
    Antonio Camurri, Paolo Coletta, Giovanna Varni
  • Real-Time Feature-Based Synthesis for Live Musical Performance
    Matt Hoffman, Perry Cook
  • jPop-E: An Assistant System for Performance Rendering of Ensemble Music
    Mitsuyo Hashida, Noriko Nagata, Haruhiro Katayose
  • Recognition and Prediction in a Networked Music Performance System for Indian Percussion
    Mihir Sarkar, Barry Vercoe
  • JamiOki -PureJoy: A New Direction in Electronically-Mediated Vocal Improvisation
    Ben Vigoda, David Merrill
  • Overview of the design and creation of a Digital Musical Instrument controlled using...
    Daniel Gómez, Tjebbe Donner, Andrés Posdada
  • The MIDI Pick
    Roy Vanegas

Saturday, June 9

Session 3 - Afternoon
  • Improved Position Tracking of a 3-D Gesture-Based Musical Controller Using a Kalman Filter
    Manjinder Benning, Michael Mcguire, Peter Driessen
  • The Lambent Reactive - An Audiovisual Environment for Kinesthetic Playforms
    Noah Keating
  • Real-Time Beat-Synchronous Audio Effects
    Adam M. Stark, Mark D. Plumbley, Matthew E.P. Davies
  • Automatic Notation Generators
    Michael Winter, Harris Wulfson, Doug Barrett
  • A Web-Accessible, Searchable Bowstroke Database
    Diana Young, Anagha Deshmane
  • Gesture Control of Sounds in 3D Space
    Jan Schacher
  • Adaptive Tuning using Theremin as Gestural Controller
    Alexandre Torres Porres, Jonatas Manzollir
  • VR-RoBoser: Real-Time Adaptive Sonification of Virtual Environments Based on Avatar...
    Sylvain Le Groux, Jonatas Manzolli, Paul Verschure
  • A Unified Toolkit for Accessing Human Interface Devices in Pure Data and Max/MSP
    Hans-Christoph Steiner, David Merrill, Olaf Matthes
  • Control Strategies for Navigation of Complex Sonic Spaces
    Doug Van Nort, Marcelo Wanderley