13th International Conference on

New Interfaces for
Musical Expression

May 27-30, 2013 | Daejeon + Seoul, Korea Republic


  • June 22. 2013: Academic papers of NIME 2013 are now online: please check the oral presentations and posters & demos pages. Bibtex information is also almost ready, and will be posted on NIME website soon.
  • May 31. 2013: As of yesterday, NIME 2013 is officially over. Thank you all for everything!
    We will continue to post updates on local media coverage of the conference, online proceedings, videos/photos from paper sessions, demos and concerts, so stay tuned!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay in Korea, have a safe trip back, and see you in London next year!
  • May 30. 2013: We are pleased to announce the winners of NIME 2013 best paper award:
    - "Portable Measurement and Mapping of Continuous Piano Gesture"
       by Andrew McPherson
    - "The Web Browser As Synthesizer And Interface"
       by Charles Roberts, Graham Wakefield and Matthew Wright
  • May 29. 2013: Although NIME 2013 isn't over yet, we are happy to announce that NIME 2014 will be hosted by Goldsmiths, University of London!
  • May 29. 2013: NIME buses for Seoul will depart at 9 am, May 30. Please come to KAIST Auditorium to take one.
  • May 29. 2013: Hubo Lab tour is sold out. Thank you!
  • May 28. 2013: There are only three seats left for Hubo Lab tour. Hurry up!
  • May 28. 2013: There will be a 30-minute guided tour of Hubo (KAIST's famous humanoid robot) Lab: Wednesday, May 29 at 18:00-18:30. To participate, please email Woony (woony@kaist.edu). Stay tuned for more information!
  • May 27. 2013: Sketches from Dr. Verplank's keynote can be downloaded from here.
  • May 24. 2013: For those of you who cannot be with us for the whole conference, we will accept daily on-site registrations. Please check the registration page for details.
  • May 24. 2013: On Sunday, May 26, registration desk will be in building N25. Also, following the afternoon workshops, welcome reception will be held at the same place. Please note that registration will be in the KI building (E4) from Monday.
  • May 24. 2013: Venues for workshops and other schedules have been assigned and updated! Please check the venues and workshops page for more information.
  • May 22. 2013: Concerts from Monday to Wednesday in Daejeon are open to public (free for registered attendees, 5,000 KRW for general audience). The last concert in Seoul (May 30), however, is for registered attendees only due to limited seats.
  • May 22. 2013: We are extremely happy to announce that the last concert of NIME 2013 will feature three pieces performed by electronic musician and instrument developer Byungjun Kwon and Korean traditional music performance group Ensemble Sinawi.
  • May 20. 2013: [Accomodation] On Toyoko-Inn Daejeon Gov. Complex: Please note that check-in starts at 4:00 PM, and check-out should be done by 10:00 AM.
  • May 8. 2013: By popular request, early registration due is extended to May 12. Please note that there will be no further extension.
  • May 8. 2013: List of oral presentations and poster/demos are available online. You can also check them using the schedule table.
  • Apr. 18. 2013: Finally, information on registration is available. Please check the page and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any question.
  • Apr. 18. 2013: Meet our keynote speakers - Dr. Bill Verplank and Dr. Ajay Kapur!
  • Apr. 17. 2013: Please do not miss our workshop programs!
  • Apr. 10. 2013: Information on Seoul venue and hotels has been (and will continue to be) updated. If you need help with Seoul hotel reservation, please feel free to contact Mr. Gunho Chae for more information and assistance.
  • Apr. 3. 2013: Please note that the last day of NIME 2013 will be in Seoul: we will move from Daejeon to Seoul in the morning of May 30. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you should book a hotel in Seoul for the last night. Information on Seoul venue and hotels will be posted shortly.
  • Apr. 3. 2013: Notifications for all papers have been sent out. Please check your mailbox and let us know if you haven't received anything.
  • Mar. 31. 2013: We now receive room reservations for Daedeok Innopolis Guest House; it's first come, first served. For more information, please check the local information page (or right here).
  • Mar. 30. 2013: NIME 2013 will offer a student volunteer program; for selected students, registration fee will be waived. Details will be announced together with registration/payment information.
  • Mar. 30. 2013: Notifications on workshop proposals have been sent out. Installations and papers/posters will follow. We do appreciate your understanding and patience!
  • Mar. 23. 2013: Tentative schedule of NIME 2013 is now available online: please check the program page. Details will follow soon.
  • Mar. 21. 2013: As you should know by now, our review process is behind schedule (much more than we originally expected and announced). We sincerely apologize for this delay, and are doing our best to announce the result as soon as possible.
    Review results for installations/workshops will be announced by 3/27, and the rest will be notified by 3/31, at the latest; the due for camera-ready papers is delayed accordingly to be 4/28.
    Meanwhile, information on travel, venues, and programs are gradually updated. Please come here often and check for the updates!
  • Feb. 12. 2013: A note on anonymity: while paper/demo submissions for NIME 2013 should not contain any information on the authors, the anonymity policy for music/performance/installation proposal is not as strict as that of paper/demo category; please feel free to include information on the authorship and/or the names of contributing artists in your proposal.
  • Feb. 12. 2013: Although the deadline for every category is Feb. 12, submission system will be open for two more days. i.e., until Feb. 14 (GMT -12). This will be the final chance for revisions (and some last-minute submissions). Please note that there will be no more extensions.
  • Jan. 30. 2013: Due to multiple requests, submission deadline (for every category) is extended to Tuesday, February 12, 2013.
  • Dec. 22. 2012: Submission site for papers/performances/installations/workshops is now open!
  • Nov. 21. 2012: Haru Ji and Graham Wakefield are installation co-chairs.
  • Nov. 18. 2012: Template files for paper submission are now available. Please check here.
  • Nov. 9. 2012: We are pleased to announce that the best paper of NIME 2013 will be published in a future issue of the Computer Music Journal.