13th International Conference on

New Interfaces for
Musical Expression

May 27-30, 2013 | Daejeon + Seoul, Korea Republic

program > concerts

  • Concerts from Monday (May 27) to Wednesday (May 29) in Daejeon are open to public.
    * 5,000 KRW (non-registered audience)
    * free (registered attendees)
  • The last concert in Seoul (May 30) is for registered attendees only due to limited seats.
  • The order of pieces within each concert is subject to change.

monday, 5/27

evening concert (1)

  • Still Life: Eviction
    D. Andrew Stewart
  • Digital Dance: The Watery Extension of Man
    Jusub Kim
  • impression | expression
    Margaret Schedel and Sarah O'Halloran
  • Der Zertrommler "SnRL"
    Michael Vierling and Juan A. Romero
  • Pieza no. 2
    Roberto Morales
  • Ominous, incarnated sound sculpture for Xth Sense
    Marco Donnarumma

late-night concert (1)

  • Improvisation on Notesaaz
    Erfan Abdi Dezfouli
  • Impellent
    Shawn Greenlee
  • Dislocation
    Jeong-seob Lee and Woon Seung Yeo
  • cutting record - a record without (or with) prior acoustic information
    Kazuhiro Jo

tuesday, 5/28

evening concert (2)

  • ‘it’s almost a song...’ For Brain-Player and Clarinet
    Kiyoshi Furukawa, Takayuki Hamano, Hiroko Terasawa, Reiko Hoshi-Shiba, Ryu Nakagawa and Tomasz Rutkowski
  • A program by the City University of Hong Kong Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk)
    Samson Young, Marco De Mutiis, Vanissa Law
  • Xenoglossia / Leishmania
    Christopher Burns and Bill Hsu
  • Shin no Shin for iPad
    Simon Hutchinson
  • Nordlig Vinter for Vibraphone and iOS devices
    Charles Martin
  • Shattered Glass
    Eduardo Patricio
  • iRemix_Dance 3: Improvisatory Sound Displacing on Touch Screen-Based Interface
    Jaeseong You and Red Wierenga

late-night concert (2)

  • A Haunting
    Johann Diedrick
  • Shoggoth Performance Proposal
    Chad McKinney
  • Taro Yasuno's Zombie music "DUET OF THE LIVING DEAD"
    Taro Yasuno
  • performance: LapTap
    Dae Ryong Hong and Woon Seung Yeo

wednesday, 5/29

evening concert (3)

  • Vox Tactum Meets Chorus Digitalis: Seven Years of Singing Surfaces
    Nicolas d'Alessandro, Christophe d'Alessandro, Lionel Feugère, Maria Astrinaki, Johnty Wang, Olivier Perrotin, Aura Pon and Boris Doval
  • Drop It Like It's Crotch
    Antonius Wiriadjaja
  • Vision|Sight
    Jesse Allison
  • GG Music
    Mark Cerqueira, Spencer Salazar and Ge Wang
  • VioSens
    Tobias Grosshauser
  • Bodyation _ sonic trace
    Sunghyun Cho

late-night concert (3)

  • Drome
    Keisuke Kimoto
  • Improvisation
    Charles Roberts
  • NIME 2013 Performance Proposal - AlphaSphere Performance
    Adam Place and Liam Lacey
  • Memoriam
    Yemin Oh

thursday, 5/30

evening concert (4)

  • Paradox for Violin Solo and Electronics Live
    Ai Kamachi
  • Arme Arirang
    Mary Simoni
  • "Overseize," a piece for solo photo-koto
    Gretchen Jude
  • * Bodhisatva: Digital Korea meets Digial India
    Ajay Kapur, Eun-il Kang and Han Shin Kim
invited performance
  • Dancing Moonlight
  • Eclipse
  • Rhapsody of East Sea
    Byungjun Kwon and Ensemble Sinawi