13th International Conference on

New Interfaces for
Musical Expression

May 27-30, 2013 | Daejeon + Seoul, Korea Republic

program > oral presentations

monday, 5/27

session 1: performance (1)

  • NEXUS: Collaborative Performance for the Masses, Handling Instrument Interface Distribution through the Web [pdf]
    Jesse Allison, Yemin Oh and Benjamin Taylor
  • MirrorFugue III: Conjuring the Recorded Pianist [pdf]
    Xiao Xiao, Anna Pereira and Hiroshi Ishii
  • Expressive Control of Indirect Augmented Reality During Live Music Performances [pdf]
    Lode Hoste and Beat Signer

session 2: multimodal

  • Muscular Interactions. Combining EMG and MMG sensing for musical practice [pdf]
    Marco Donnarumma, Baptiste Caramiaux and Atau Tanaka
  • Fluid Simulation as Full Body Audio-Visual Instrument [pdf]
    Andrew Johnston
  • Digiti Sonus: Advanced Interactive Fingerprint Sonification Using Visual Feature Analysis [pdf]
    Yoon Chung Han, Byeong-jun Han and Matthew Wright

session 3: sensor (1)

  • Filtering Motion Capture Data for Real-Time Applications [pdf]
    Ståle A. Skogstad, Kristian Nymoen, Mats Hovin, Sverre Holm and Alexander Refsum Jensenius
  • Musical Poi (mPoi) [pdf]
    Sangbong Nam, Jay Kim, Benjamin Martinson and Mara Helmuth
  • Portable Measurement and Mapping of Continuous Piano Gesture [pdf]
    Andrew McPherson

tuesday, 5/28

session 4: performance (2)

  • Reactive Environment for Network Music Performance [pdf]
    Dalia El-Shimy and Jeremy R. Cooperstock
  • Rouages: Revealing the Mechanisms of Digital Musical Instruments to the Audience [pdf]
    Florent Berthaut, Mark T. Marshall, Sriram Subramanian and Martin Hachet
  • Audience Experience in Sound Performance [pdf]
    Chi-Hsia Lai and Till Bovermann
  • SWARMED: Captive Portals, Mobile Devices, and Audience Participation in Multi-User Music Performance [pdf]
    Abram Hindle

session 5: multitouch | laptop

  • Towards an Interface for Music Mixing based on Smart Tangibles and Multitouch [pdf]
    Steven Gelineck, Dan Overholt, Morten Büchert and Jesper Andersen
  • Adaptive mapping for improved pitch accuracy on touch user interfaces [pdf]
    Olivier Perrotin and Christophe d'Alessandro
  • LOLOL: Laugh Out Loud On Laptop [pdf]
    Jieun Oh and Ge Wang

session 6: augmented instrument | interface

  • Toward The Future Practice Room: Empowering Musical Pedagogy through Hyperinstruments [pdf]
    Jordan Hochenbaum and Ajay Kapur
  • The Web Browser As Synthesizer And Interface [pdf]
    Charles Roberts, Graham Wakefield and Matthew Wright
  • Rainboard and Musix: Building Dynamic Isomorphic Interfaces [pdf]
    Brett Park and David Gerhard

session 7: hardware platform

  • Embedded Networking and Hardware-Accelerated Graphics with Satellite CCRMA [pdf]
    Edgar Berdahl, Spencer Salazar and Myles Borins
  • Digitartic: Bi-manual Gestural Control of Articulation in Performative Singing Synthesis [pdf]
    Lionel Feugère and Christophe d'Alessandro
  • A New Wi-Fi based Platform for Wireless Sensor Data Collection [pdf]
    Jim Torresen, Yngve Hafting and Kristian Nymoen
  • A Gesture Control Interface for a Wave Field Synthesis System [pdf]
    Wolfgang Fohl and Malte Nogalski

wednesday, 5/29

session 8: sensor (2)

  • Agile Interface Development using OSC Expressions and Process Migration [pdf]
    John MacCallum, Adrian Freed and David Wessel
  • An Easily Removable, wireless Optical Sensing System (EROSS) for the Trumpet [pdf]
    Leonardo Jenkins, Wyatt Page, Shawn Trail, George Tzanetakis and Peter Driessen
  • Multi Sensor Tracking for Live Sound Transformation [pdf]
    Anton Fuhrmann, Johannes Kretz and Peter Burwik
  • Near-Field Optical Reflective Sensing for Bow Tracking [pdf]
    Laurel Pardue and Andrew McPherson

session 9: network | web

  • Live Coding The Mobile Music Instrument [pdf]
    Sang Won Lee and Georg Essl
  • WAAX: Web Audio API eXtension [pdf]
    Hongchan Choi and Jonathan Berger
  • SonNet: A Code Interface for Sonifying Computer Network Data [pdf]
    KatieAnna Wolf and Rebecca Fiebrink

session 10: gesture | space

  • A Self-Organizing Gesture Map for a Voice-Controlled Instrument Interface [pdf]
    Stefano Fasciani and Lonce Wyse
  • Machine Learning of Musical Gestures [pdf]
    Baptiste Caramiaux and Atau Tanaka
  • KIB: Simplifying Gestural Instrument Creation Using Widgets [pdf]
    Edward Zhang and Rebecca Fiebrink
  • NIME Plenary meeting

thursday, 5/30

session 11: mapping

  • Towards Mapping Timbre to Emotional Affect [pdf]
    Niklas Klügel and Georg Groh
  • Cross-modal Sound Mapping Using Deep Learning [pdf]
    Ohad Fried and Rebecca Fiebrink
  • The Quarterstaff, a Gestural Sensor Instrument [pdf]
    Jan C. Schacher

session 12: augmented instrument

  • A Corpus-based Method for Controlling Guitar Feedback [pdf]
    Sam Ferguson, Andrew Johnston and Aengus Martin
  • MAGE 2.0: New Features and its Application in the Development of a Talking Guitar [pdf]
    Maria Astrinaki, Nicolas d’Alessandro, Loïc Reboursière, Alexis Moinet and Thierry Dutoit
  • Further Finger Position and Pressure Sensing Techniques for Strings and Keyboard Instruments [pdf]
    Tobias Grosshauser and Gerhard Troester
  • Designing and Building Expressive Robotic Guitars [pdf]
    Jim Murphy, James McVay, Ajay Kapur and Dale Carnegie