13th International Conference on

New Interfaces for
Musical Expression

May 27-30, 2013 | Daejeon + Seoul, Korea Republic

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monday, 5/27

posters (1)

  • The Third Room: A 3D Virtual Music Framework [pdf]
    Colin Honigman, Andrew Walton and Ajay Kapur
  • Lantern Field: Exploring Participatory Design of a Communal, Spatially Responsive Installation [pdf]
    Brennon Bortz, Aki Ishida, Ivica Ico Bukvic and R. Benjamin Knapp
  • Hybrid Musicianship - Teaching Gestural Interaction with Traditional and Digital Instruments [pdf]
    Jan C. Schacher
  • Generating an Integrated Musical Expression with a Brain–Computer Interface [pdf]
    Takayuki Hamano, Tomasz Rutkowski, Hiroko Terasawa, Kazuo Okanoya and Kiyoshi Furukawa
  • Computer Assisted Melo-rhythmic Generation of Traditional Chinese Music from Ink Brush Calligraphy [pdf]
    Will W. W. Tang, Stephen Chan, Grace Ngai and Hong-va Leong
  • PAMDI Music Box: Primarily Analogico-Mechanical, Digitally Iterated Music Box [pdf]
    Rebecca Kleinberger
  • Stompboxes: Kicking the Habit [pdf]
    Gregory Burlet, Marcelo M. Wanderley and Ichiro Fujinaga
  • Enabling Multimodal Mobile Interfaces for Musical Performance [pdf]
    Charles Roberts, Angus Forbes and Tobias Höllerer
  • Towards Note-Level Prediction for Networked Music Performance [pdf]
    Reid Oda, Adam Finkelstein and Rebecca Fiebrink
  • Motion and Synchronization Analysis of Musical Ensembles with the Kinect [pdf]
    Aristotelis Hadjakos, Tobias Grosshauser and Werner Goebl
  • Towards Gestural Sonic Affordances [pdf]
    Alessandro Altavilla, Baptiste Caramiaux and Atau Tanaka
  • Sound Spray - Can-shaped Sound Effect Device [pdf]
    Gibeom Park and Kyogu Lee
  • Applied and Proposed Installations with Silent Disco Headphones for Multi-Elemental Creative Expression [pdf]
    Russell Eric Dobda
  • A Compact Spectrum-Assisted Human Beatboxing Reinforcement Learning Tool On Smartphone [pdf]
    Simon Lui
  • Sound Surfing Network (SSN): Mobile Phone-based Sound Spatialization with Audience Collaboration [pdf]
    Saebyul Park, Seonghoon Ban, Dae Ryong Hong and Woon Seung Yeo
  • Toward an Emotionally Intelligent Piano: Real-Time Emotion Detection and Performer Feedback via Kinesthetic Sensing in Piano Performance [pdf]
    Matan Ben-Asher and Colby Leider
  • New Interfaces for Traditional Korean Music and Dance [pdf]
    Ajay Kapur, Dae Hong Kim, Raakhi Kapur and Kisoon Eom
  • Multidimensional Sound Spatialization by Means of Chaotic Dynamical Systems [pdf]
    Edmar Soria and Roberto Morales-Manzanares
  • Hand-Controller for Combined Tactile Control and Motion Tracking [pdf]
    Laurel Pardue and William Sebastian
  • Rocking the Keys with a Multi-Touch Interface [pdf]
    Thomas Walther, Damir Ismailović and Bernd Brügge
  • PESI Extended System: In Space, On Body, with 3 Musicians [pdf]
    Koray Tahiroğlu, Nuno N. Correia and Miguel Espada

demos (1)

  • A Real-time Musical Performance Feedback System for Beginner Musician [pdf]
    Yoonchang Han, Sejun Kwon, Kibeom Lee and Kyogu Lee
  • Enactive Mandala: Audio-visualizing Brain Waves [pdf]
    Tomohiro Tokunaga and Michael Lyons
  • Notesaaz: a new controller and performance idiom [pdf]
    Erfan Abdi Dezfouli and Edwin van der Heide
  • Air Violin: A Body-centric Style Musical Instrument [pdf]
    Xin Fan and Georg Essl
  • Remix_Dance 3: Improvisatory Sound Displacing on Touch Screen-Based Interface [pdf]
    Jaeseong You, Red Wierenga, Arsid Ketjuntra and Teerapat Parnmongkol
  • Multi Sensor Tracking for Live Sound Transformation
    Anton Fuhrmann, Johannes Kretz and Peter Burwik
  • A Self-Organizing Gesture Map for a Voice-Controlled Instrument Interface
    Stefano Fasciani and Lonce Wyse
  • Rainboard and Musix: Building dynamic isomorphic interfaces
    Brett Park and David Gerhard
  • Muscular Interactions. Combining EMG and MMG sensing for musical practice
    Marco Donnarumma, Baptiste Caramiaux and Atau Tanaka
  • Fluid Simulation as Full Body Audio-Visual Instrument
    Andrew Johnston

tuesday, 5/28

posters (2)

  • Synchronous Data Flow Modeling for DMIs [pdf]
    Danielle Bragg
  • SoundCraft: Transducing StarCraft 2 [pdf]
    Mark Cerqueira, Spencer Salazar and Ge Wang
  • Construction of a System for Recognizing Touch of Strings for Guitar [pdf]
    Hayami Tobise, Yoshinari Takegawa, Tsutomu Terada and Masahiko Tsukamoto
  • Using Audio and Haptic Feedback to Improve Pitched Percussive Instrument Performance in Humanoids [pdf]
    Alyssa Batula, Manu Colacot, David Grunberg and Youngmoo Kim
  • Mobile DJ: a Tangible, Mobile Platform for Active and Collaborative Music Listening [pdf]
    Kenneth W.K. Lo, Chi Kin Lau, Michael Xuelin Huang, Wai Wa Tang, Grace Ngai and Stephen C.F. Chan
  • Mining Unlabeled Electronic Music Databases through 3D Interactive Visualization of Latent Component Relationships [pdf]
    Parag Kumar Mital and Mick Grierson
  • Updating the Classifications of Mobile Music Projects [pdf]
    David John
  • Visual Associations in Augmented Keyboard Performance [pdf]
    Qi Yang and Georg Essl
  • Variator: A Creativity Support Tool for Music Composition [pdf]
    Avneesh Sarwate and Rebecca Fiebrink
  • Netpixl: Towards a New Paradigm for Networked Application Development [pdf]
    Dimitri Diakopoulos and Ajay Kapur
  • Multi-Touch Interfaces for Phantom Source Positioning in Live Sound Diffusion [pdf]
    Bridget Johnson and Ajay Kapur
  • GrainProc: a real-time granular synthesis interface for live performance [pdf]
    Mayank Sanganeria and Kurt Werner
  • Graphic Waveshaping [pdf]
    Shawn Greenlee
  • Illusio: A Drawing-Based Digital Musical Instrument [pdf]
    Jeronimo Barbosa, Filipe Calegario, Geber Ramalho, Veronica Teichrieb and Giordano Cabral
  • Kontrol: Hand Gesture Recognition for Music and Dance Interaction [pdf]
    Kameron Christopher, Jingyin He, Raakhi Kapur and Ajay Kapur
  • Development of A Learning Environment for Playing Erhu by Diagnosis and Advice regarding Finger Position on Strings [pdf]
    Fumitaka Kikukawa, Sojiro Ishihara, Masato Soga and Hirokazu Taki
  • BioSync: An Informed Participatory Interface for Audience Dynamics and Audiovisual Content Co-creation using Mobile PPG and EEG [pdf]
    Yuan-Yi Fan and Myles Sciotto
  • Laptap: Laptop Computer as a Musical Instrument using Audio Feedback [pdf]
    Dae Ryong Hong and Woon Seung Yeo
  • A Function-Oriented Interface for Music Education and Musical Expressions: "the Sound Wheel" [pdf]
    Shoken Kaneko
  • note~ for Max - An extension for Max/MSP for Media Arts & Music [pdf]
    Thomas Resch
  • Sonifying Chemical Evolution [pdf]
    Steve Everett
  • Fortissimo: Force-Feedback for Mobile Devices [pdf]
    Tae Hong Park and Oriol Nieto
  • cutting record - a record without (or with) prior acoustic information [pdf]
    Kazuhiro Jo and Mitsuhito Ando
  • Impress: A Machine Learning Approach to Soundscape Affect Classification for a Music Performance Environment [pdf]
    Miles Thorogood and Philippe Pasquier

demos (2)

  • Mobile rhythmic interaction in a sonic tennis game [pdf]
    Stefano Baldan, Amalia De Götzen and Stefania Serafin
  • Kinectofon: Performing with Shapes in Planes [pdf]
    Alexander Refsum Jensenius
  • Providing a Feeling of Other Remote Learners' Presence in An Online Learning Environment via Realtime Sonification of Moodle Access Log [pdf]
    Toshihiro Kita and Naotoshi Osaka
  • Digiti Sonus: Advanced Interactive Fingerprint Sonification Using Visual Feature Analysis
    Yoon Chung Han, Byeong-jun Han and Matthew Wright
  • MAGE 2.0: New Features and its Application in the Development of a Talking Guitar
    Maria Astrinaki, Nicolas d’Alessandro, Loïc Reboursière, Alexis Moinet and Thierry Dutoit
  • A New Wi-Fi based Platform for Wireless Sensor Data Collection
    Jim Torresen, Yngve Hafting and Kristian Nymoen
  • Musical Poi (mPoi)
    Sangbong Nam
  • Towards an Interface for Music Mixing based on Smart Tangibles and Multitouch
    Steven Gelineck, Dan Overholt, Morten Büchert and Jesper Andersen

wednesday, 5/29

posters (3)

  • An Interactive 3D Network Music Space [pdf]
    Chad McKinney and Nick Collins
  • echobo : Audience Participation Using The Mobile Music Instrument [pdf]
    Sang Won Lee and Jason Freeman
  • Jam On: A New Interface for Web-based Collective Music Performance [pdf]
    Ulysse Rosselet and Alain Renaud
  • Modelling Gestures in Music Performance with Statistical Latent-State Models [pdf]
    Taehun Kim and Stefan Weinzierl
  • Toward DMI Evaluation Using Crowd-Sourced Tagging Techniques [pdf]
    Michael Everman and Colby Leider
  • Paralinguistic Microphone [pdf]
    Alex McLean, EunJoo Shin and Kia Ng
  • Coral - a Physical and Haptic Extension of a Swarm Simulation [pdf]
    Daniel Bisig and Sébastien Schiesser
  • Personalized Song Interaction Using a Multi Touch Interface [pdf]
    Jeffrey Scott, Mickey Moorhead, Justin Chapman, Ryan Schwabe and Youngmoo E. Kim
  • Sonifying Game-Space Choreographies With UDKOSC [pdf]
    Rob Hamilton
  • “Old” is the New “New”: a Fingerboard Case Study in Recrudescence as a NIME Development Strategy [pdf]
    Adrian Freed, John MacCallum and Sam Mansfield
  • SoloTouch: A Capacitive Touch Controller with Lick-based Note Selector [pdf]
    Jackie, Yi Tang Chui, Mubarak Marafa and Samson, Ka Fai Young
  • Designing Empowering Vocal and Tangible Interaction [pdf]
    Anders-Petter Andersson and Birgitta Cappelen
  • Cloud Bridge: a Data-driven Immersive Audio-Visual Software Interface [pdf]
    Qian Liu, Yoon Chung Han, JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Matthew Wright and George Legrady
  • Mira: Liveness in iPad Controllers for Max/MSP [pdf]
    Sam Tarakajian, David Zicarelli and Joshua Clayton
  • VOSIS: a Multi-touch Image Sonification Interface [pdf]
    Ryan McGee
  • Feeling for Sound: Mapping Sonic Data to Haptic Perceptions [pdf]
    Tom Mudd
  • POWDER BOX: An Interactive Device with Sensor Based Replaceable Interface For Musical Session [pdf]
    Yoshihito Nakanishi, Seiichiro Matsumura and Chuichi Arakawa
  • Performing with a Mobile Computer System for Vibraphone [pdf]
    Charles Martin
  • NoiseBear: A Malleable Wireless Controller Designed In Participation with Disabled Children [pdf]
    Mick Grierson and Chris Kiefer
  • Flag beat: a novel interface for rhythmic musical expression for kids [pdf]
    Stefano Trento and Stefania Serafin

demos (3)

  • AlphaSphere [pdf]
    Adam Place, Liam Lacey and Thomas Mitchell
  • The Black Box [pdf]
    Romain Michon, Myles Borins and David Meisenholder
  • Gamelan Sampul: Laptop Sleeve Gamelan [pdf]
    Antonius Wiriadjaja
  • Plum St: Live Digital Storytelling with Remote Browsers [pdf]
    Ben Taylor and Jesse Allison
  • PENny: An Extremely Low-Cost Pressure-Sensitive Stylus for Existing Capacitive Touchscreens [pdf]
    Johnty Wang, Nicolas d'Alessandro, Aura Pon and Sidney Fels
  • An Easily Removable, wireless Optical Sensing System (EROSS) for the Trumpet
    Leonardo Jenkins, Shawn Trail, George Tzanetakis, Peter Driessen and Wyatt Page
  • Embedded Networking and Hardware-Accelerated Graphics with Satellite CCRMA
    Edgar Berdahl, Spencer Salazar and Myles Borins
  • Agile Interface Development using OSC Expressions and Process Migration
    Adrian Freed, John MacCallum and David Wessel
  • NEXUS: Collaborative Performance for the Masses, Handling Instrument Interface Distribution through the Web
    Jesse Allison, Yemin Oh and Benjamin Taylor
  • Further Finger Position and Pressure Sensing Techniques for Strings and Keyboard Instruments
    Tobias Grosshaus