2003 InternationalConference on
New Interfaces for Musical Expression


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Thursday May 22nd Friday May 23rd Saturday May 24th
Registration (Pollack Hall)

Welcome Address 09:00
Paper Session II (Pollack Hall)

Paper Session III (Pollack Hall)

Paper Session I (Pollack Hall)
Keynote I: Paradiso (Pollack Hall)

Keynote II: Cadoz (Pollack Hall)

NIME 04 Discussion (Pollack Hall)


Report I (room C201)

Report III (room C201)

Report V (room C201)

Report II (room C201)

Report IV (room C201)

Report VI (room C201)

STEIM Workshop I (room E230 - UCL)
Special Event I (room C304)
Special Event II (room C310)

NIME Demos I
STEIM Workshop II (room E230 - UCL)
Special Event III (room C201)
Special Event IV (room C309)

STEIM Workshop Ensemble (room E230 - UCL)
Special Event V (room C201)


Keynote III: Waisvisz
Concert I (Redpath Hall)

F.W. Murnau's Faust
Score/performance by the Wireless Duo: Dennis James and Mark Goldstein
Concert II (Pollack Hall)

Performances by A. Brouse, G. Scavone, T. Ciufo, D. Arfib, L. Kessous, J.-M. Couturier, P. Cook
Concert III (Pollack Hall)

Performances by S. Jorda, R. Davies, J. Young, R. Gluck, D. Hewitt, J. Chadabe, Y. Nagashima


Thursday, May 22 2003

09:25-10:15 Paper Session I Chair: Michael J. Lyons (ATR MIS Labs, Japan)
   09:25-09:50 Cormac Cannon, Stephen Hughes, Sile O'Modhrain EpipE: Exploration of the Uilleann Pipes as a Potential Controller for Computer-Based Music
   09:50-10:15 Diana Young, Georg Essl HyperPuja: A Tibetan Singing Bowl Controller

10:35-11:35 Keynote I
Joe Paradiso Invited Speaker, MIT Media Lab, Boston, U.S.A.

13:00-14:20 Report Session I Chair: Philippe Depalle (McGill, Canada)
   13:00-13:20 Gary P. Scavone THE PIPE: Explorations with Breath Control
   13:20-13:40 Marije A.J. Baalman The STRIMIDILATOR, a String Controlled MIDI-Instrument
   13:40-14:00 Scott Wilson, Michael Gurevich, Bill Verplank, Pascal Stang Microcontrollers in Music HCI Instruction - Reflections on our Switch to the Atmel AVR Platform
   14:00-14:20 Tue Haste Andersen Mixxx: Towards Novel DJ Interface

14:40-15:40 Report Session II Chair: Sidney Fels (UBC, Canada)
   14:40-15:00 Serge Lemouton, Diemo Schwarz, Nicola Orio, Norbert Schnell Score Following: State of the Art and Beyond
   15:00-15:20 Caroline Traube, Philippe Depalle, Marcelo Wanderley Indirect Acquisition of Instrumental Gesture Based on Signal, Physical and Perceptual Information
   15:20-15:40 Yoichi Nagashima Bio-Sensing Systems and Bio-Feedback Systems for Interactive Media Arts

16:00-18:30 Poster Session Chair: Ichiro Fujinaga (McGill, Canada)
  Sukandar Kartadinata The Gluiph: a Nucleus for Integrated Instruments
  Jean-Michel Couturier, Daniel Arfib Pointing Fingers: Using Multiple Direct Interactions with Visual Objects to Perform Music
  Eric Singer, Kevin Larke, David Bianciardi LEMUR GuitarBot: MIDI Robotic String Instrument
  Chad Peiper, David Warden, Guy Garnett An Interface for Real-time Classification of Articulations Produced by Violin Bowing
  Zack Settel, Cort Lippe Convolution Brother's Instrument Design
  Insook Choi A Component Model of Gestural Primitive Throughput

16:00-18:30 Special Event I Plant A (pdf file)

16:30-17:30 Special Event II Pikapika

Friday, May 23 2003

09:00-10:15 Paper Session II Chair: Joe Paradiso (MIT Media Lab, USA)
   09:00-09:25 Ali Momeni, David Wessel Characterizing and Controlling Musical Material Intuitively with Geometric Models
   09:25-09:50 Matthew Burtner Composing for the (dis)Embodied Ensemble: Notational Systems in (dis)Appearances
   09:50-10:15 Sergi Jorda Sonigraphical Instruments: From FMOL to the reacTable*

10:35-11:35 Keynote II
Claude Cadoz Invited Speaker, ACROE - ICA, Grenoble, France

13:00-14:20 Report Session III Chair: Gideon D'Arcangelo (ESI Design, USA)
   13:00-13:20 Motohide Hatanaka Bento-Box: A Portable Ergonomic Musical Instrument
   13:20-13:40 Hiroko Shiraiwa, Rodrigo Segnini, Vivian Woo Sound Kitchen -- Designing a Chemically Controlled Musical Performance
   13:40-14:00 Joel Ryan, Christopher Salter TGarden: Wearable Instruments and Augmented Physicality
   14:00-14:20 David Ventura, Kenji Mase Duet Musical Companion: Improvisational Interfaces for Children

14:40-15:40 Report Session IV Chair: Bill Verplank (Stanford University, USA)
   14:40-15:00 David M Howard, Stuart Rimell, Andy D Hunt Force Feedback Gesture Controlled Physical Modelling Synthesis
   15:00-15:20 Reynald Hoskinson, Kees van den Doel, Sidney Fels Real-time Adaptive Control of Modal Synthesis
   15:20-15:40 Diana Young, Stefania Serafin Playability Evaluation of a Virtual Bowed String Instrument

16:00-18:30 Demo I Chair:
  Cléo Palacio-Quintin Hyper-Flute
  Jesse Allison, Timothy Place SensorBox: Practical Audio Interface for Gestural Performance
  Kevin C. Baird Multi-Conductor: An Onscreen Polymetrical Conducting and Notation Display System
  Bill Kleinsasser Dsp.rack: Laptop-based Modular, Programmable Digital Signal Processing and Mixing for Live Performance
  Mat Laibowitz BASIS: A Genesis in Musical Interfaces

16:30-17:30 Special Event III The Le Caine instruments: a disappearing technology
17:30-18:30 Special Event IV Hyper-flute

Saturday, May 24 2003

09:00-10:15 Paper Session III Chair: Todd Winkler (Brown University, USA)
   09:00-09:25 Lalya Gaye, Ramia Maze, Lars Erik Holmquist Sonic City: The Urban Environment as a Musical Interface
   09:25-09:50 Michael J. Lyons, Michael Haehnel, Nobuji Tetsutani Designing, Playing, and Performing with a Vision-based Mouth Interface
   09:50-10:15 Donna Hewitt, Ian Stevenson Emic - Extended Mic-stand Interface Controller

13:00-14:20 Report Session V Chair: Perry Cook (Princeton University, USA)
   13:00-13:20 Tina Blaine, Sidney Fels Design Issues for Collaborative Musical Interfaces and Experiences
   13:20-13:40 Andy Hunt, Ross Kirk MidiGrid: Past, Present and Future
   13:40-14:00 Loic Kessous, Daniel Arfib Bimanuality in Alternate Musical Instruments
   14:00-14:20 Paul Modler, Tony Myatt An Experimental Dictionary of Hand Gestures for Expressive Control of Musical Parameters in Realtime

14:40-15:20 Report Session VI Chair: Marcelo M. Wanderley (McGill, Canada)
   14:40-15:00 Teresa Marrin Nakra Immersion Music: A Progress Report
   15:00-15:20 Matt Wright, Adrian Freed, Ali Momeni OpenSound Control: Past, Present, and Future

16:00-18:30 Demo II Chair: Tina Blaine (CMU, USA)
  David Merrill Face-Tracking for Gestural and Continuous Control of Parameterized Audio Effects
  Eric Singer Sonic Banana
  David Muth, Ed Burton Sodaconductor
  Emmanuel Fléty, Marc Sirguy EoBody : a Follow-up to AtoMIC Pro's Technology
  Mark Argo, Takuro Lippit, Michael Sharon NIME03@ITP: Demonstration of Student Prototypes

16:30-17:30 Special Event V Using "Jitter" to Search the "DarkMatter" for "StarDust:" A Multi-Media Performance and System Analysis

19:00-20:00 Keynote III
Michel Waisvisz Invited Speaker, STEIM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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