IRCAM - Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
June 4-8, 2006

Paper and Poster Program

Monday, June 5

Paper Session, Monday morning
Mobile and Public
Mobile Music Technology: Report on an Emerging Community
Lalya Gaye, Lars Erik Holmquist, Frauke Behrendt, Atau Tanaka
A Framework for Spatial Interaction in Locative Media
Atau Tanaka, Petra Gemeinboeck
CaMus: Live Music Performance using Camera Phones and Visual Grid Tracking
Michael Rohs, Georg Essl, Martin Roth
Pocket Gamelan: tuneable trajectories for flying sources in Mandala 3 and Mandala 4
Greg Schiemer, Mark Havryliv
Interactive Public Sound Art: a case study
David Birchfield, Kelly Phillips, Assegid Kidane, David Lorig

Poster Session, Monday
Sensors, Interfaces and Mapping
Building Collaborative Graphical interFaces in the Audicle
Ge Wang, Ananya Misra, Perry Cook
The Frequencyliator – Distributing Structures for Networked Laptop Improvisation
Pedro Rebelo, Alain Renaud
A VR Interface for Collaborative 3D Audio Performance
Martin Naef, Daniel Collicott
Using the Touch Screen as a Controller for Portable Computer Music Instruments
Günter Geiger
Using MIDI to Modify Video Game Content
Jukka Holm, Juha Arrasvuori, Kai Havukainen
Turntable Music in the Digital Era: Designing Alternative Tools for New Turntable Expression
Takuro Lippit
spinCycle: a Color-Tracking Turntable Sequencer
Spencer Kiser
The Chopping Board: Real-time Sample Editor
Jason Lee
A Tactile Closed-Loop Device for Musical Interaction
Staas de Jong
PETECUBE: a Multimodal Feedback Interface
Peter Bennett
The G-Spring Controller
Denis Lebel, Joseph Malloch
Orbophone: a new interface for radiating sound and image
Damien Lock, Greg Schiemer
the gluion, advantages of an FPGA-based sensor interface
Sukandar Kartadinata
Beyond 0-5V: Expanding Sensor Integration Architectures
Adrian Freed, Rimas Avizienis, Matt Wright
Timbre interfaces using adjectives and adverbs
Colin Johnson, Alex Gounaropoulos
SonicJumper composer
D. Andrew Stewart
Towards a catalog and software library of mapping methods
Hans-Christoph Steiner
LINE: Interactive Sound and Light Installation
Daisuke Kobori, Kojiro Kagawa, Makoto Iida, Chuichi Arakawa

Paper Session, Monday afternoon
Networked and Collaborative
Decay in Collaborative Music Making
Nick Bryan-Kinns, Patrick Healey
JamSpace: Designing A Collaborative Networked Music Space for Novices
Michael Gurevich
Creating a Network of Integral Music Controllers
Benjamin Knapp, Perry Cook
Perturbation Techniques for Multi-Performer or Multi-Agent Interactive Musical Interfaces
Matthew Burtner
Sensemble: A Wireless, Compact, Multi-User Sensor System for Interactive Dance
Ryan Aylward, Joseph Paradiso

Tuesday, June 6

Paper Session, Tuesday morning
Real and Virtual, Spatial and Graphical
The ZKM Klangdom
Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan, Joachim Gossmann, Ludger Brümmer
A framework for immersive spatial audio performance
Mike Wozniewski, Zack Settel, Jeremy Cooperstock
An Architectural Framework for Interactive Music Systems
Alexandre Francois, Elaine Chew
Transmodal Feedback as a New Perspective for Audio-visual Effects
Christian Jacquemin, Serge de Laubier
Screen-Based Musical Interfaces as Semiotic Machines
Thor Magnusson
Different Strokes: a Prototype Software System for Laptop Performance and Improvisation
Mark Zadel, Gary Scavone
Yu Nishibori, Toshio Iwai

Poster Session, Tuesday
Gesture Controlled Audio Systems
Towards a Gesture Description Interchange Format
Alexander Jensenius, Tellef Kvifte, Rolf Inge Godøy A Collaborative Resource for Researchers and Interface Designers
Marcelo Wanderley, David Birnbaum, Joseph Malloch, Elliot Sinyor, Julien Boissinot
A simple practical approach to a wireless data acquisition board
Smilen Dimitrov, Stefania Serafin
Mapping strategies in DJ scratching
Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen, Roberto Bresin
'GXtar', an interface using guitar techniques
Loic Kessous, Julien Castet, Daniel Arfib
Visual Methods for the Retrieval of Guitarist Fingering
Anne-Marie Burns, Marcelo Wanderley
Combining accelerometer and video camera: Reconstruction of bow velocity profiles
Erwin Schoonderwaldt, Nicolas Rasamimanana, Frédéric Bevilacqua
Reflective Optical Pickup For Violin
Nicolas Leroy, Emmanuel Flety, Frederic Bevilacqua

Poster Session, Tuesday
Tables and Screens
Mary had a little scoreTable* or the reacTable* goes melodic
Sergi Jorda, Marcos Alonso
Sound Rose: Creating Music and Images with a Touch Table
Alain Crevoisier, Cédric Bornand, Arnaud Guichard, Seiichiro Matsumura, Chuichi Arakawa
Synthesis and Control on Large Scale Multi-Touch Sensing Displays
Philip Davidson, Jefferson Han

Paper Session, Tuesday afternoon
Instrument Design
Towards a Coherent Terminology and Model of Instrument Description and Design
Tellef Kvifte, Alexander R. Jensenius
Vibrotactile Feedback in Digital Musical Instruments
Mark Marshall, Marcelo Wanderley
Paper FSRs and Latex/Fabric Traction Sensors: Methods for the Development of Home-Made Touch Sensors
Rodolphe Koehly, Marcelo Wanderley, Denis Curtil
Creating Ad Hoc Instruments with Pin&Play&Perform
John Bowers, Nicolas Villar
Synthesis and control of everyday sound reconstructing Russolo's Intonarumori
Stefania Serafin, Amalia De Goetzen, Niels Böttcher, Steven Gelineck

Wednesday, June 7

Paper Session, Wednesday morning
Brain, Hands, and Expression

Interactive Sonification of Neural Activity
Gil Weinberg, Travis Thatcher
Non haptic control of music by video analysis of hand movements : 14 years of experience with the «Caméra Musicale»
Jacques Rémus
MICON A Music Stand for Interactive Conducting
Jan Borchers, Aristotelis Hadjakos, Max Mühlhäuser
conga: A Framework for Adaptive Conducting Gesture Analysis
Eric Lee, Ingo Gruell, Henning Kiel, Jan Borchers
Real-time CALM Synthesizer: New Approaches in Hands-Controlled Voice Synthesis
Nicolas D'Alessandro, Christophe d'Alessandro, Sylvain Le Beux, Boris Doval
GRASSP: Gesturally-Realized Audio, Speech and Song Performance
Bob Pritchard, Sidney Fels
The ‘E’ in NIME: Musical Expression with New Computer Interfaces
Christopher Dobrian, Daniel Koppelman

Poster Session, Wednesday
Instruments, Performances and Installations
32kg: Performance Systems for a Post-Digital Age
John Richards
Meta-Instrument 3: a look over 17 years of practice
Serge De Laubier, Vincent Goudard
The Case Study of An Application of The System, “BodySuit” and “RoboticMusic” - Its Introduction and Aesthetics
Suguru Goto
Modal Kombat: Competition and Choreography in Synesthetic Musical Performance
David Hindman
A “Ballet mécanique” for the 21st Century: Performing George Antheil’s Dadaist Masterpiece with Robots
Paul Lehrman, Eric Singer
Using the augmented trombone in "I will not kiss your flag"
Serge Lemouton, Marco Stroppa, Benny Sluchin
On making and playing an electronically-augmented saxophone
Sébastien Schiesser, Caroline Traube
Handheld Acoustic Filter Bank for Musical Control
Tamara Smyth
Real-Time Sound Source Spatialization as used in Challenging Bodies : Implementation and Performance
JJ Nixdorf, David Gerhard
Mapping with planning agents in the Max/MSP environment: the GO/Max language
Paolo Bottoni, Stefano Faralli, Anna Labella, Mario Pierro
Towards a Virtual Assistant for Performers and Stage Directors
Alain Bonardi, Isis Truck, Herman Akdag
Students' projects of interactive media-installations in SUAC
Yoichi Nagashima
An Acousmatic Composition Environment
Morten Breinbjerg, Ole Caprani, Rasmus Lunding, Line Kramhoeft
Bioinformatic Feedback: performer bio-data as a driver for real-time composition
Robert Hamilton
The Light Matrix: An Interface for musical expression and performance
Jonathan Pak
GAINER: A reconfigurable I/O module and software libraries for education
Shigeru Kobayashi, Takanori Endo, Katsuhiko Harada, Shosei Oishi

Paper Session, Wednesday afternoon
Augmented Instruments and Accompaniment
Hyper-shaku (Border-crossing): Towards the Multi-modal Gesture-controlled Hyper-Instrument
Kirsty Beilharz, Joanne Jakovich, Sam Ferguson
Adapting the trombone: a suite of electro-acoustic interventions for the piece Rouse
Neal Farwell
The Augmented Djembe Drum – Sculpting Rhythms
Teemu Mäki-Patola, Perttu Hämäläinen, Aki Kanerva
Children of Grainger: Leather Instruments for Free Music
Stuart Favilla, Joanne Cannon
Managing Gesture and Timbre for Analysis and Instrument Control in an Interactive Environment
William Hsu
Integrated Interactive Music Performance Environment
Keith Hamel
Learning Musical Instrument Skills Through Interactive Sonification
Sam Ferguson

Thursday, June 8

Paper Session, Thursday morning
Digital Interfaces for the Violin Family
Recent Developments in Violin-related Digital Musical Instruments: Where Are We and Where Are We Going?
Cornelius Poepel, Dan Overholt
Composing for Hyperbow: A Collaboration Between MIT and the Royal Academy of Music
Diana Young, Patrick Nunn, Artem Vassiliev
The augmented violin project: research, composition and performance report
Frédéric Bevilacqua, Nicolas Rasamimanana, Emmanuel Fléty, Serge Lemouton, Florence Baschet
Auditory Illusion and Violin: Demonstration of a Work by Jean-Claude Risset written for Mari Kimura
Mari Kimura, Jean-Claude Risset
Augmenting the Cello
Adrian Freed, Frances Marie Uitti, Michael Zbyszynski, David Wessel
Virtual Musical Instrument - Virtual Violin, The SuperPolm: Its Technological Aspects and The Application to A Composition
Suguru Goto, Patrice Pierrot, Alain Terrier (additional presentation not included in the Proceedings)
A sensors and sound analysis system for live improvisation and composition with violin, hurdy-gurdy and virtual instruments
Stevie Wishart, Todor Todoroff (additional presentation not included in the Proceedings)