Technology and Aesthetics is an international symposium which aims to focus on how advances in technology provide a framework within which music, film and other artistic fields are developing – ushering through changes in the way sonic and visual art is perceived. This symposium takes a closer look at what these changes are – and where we are likely to be headed.

Contributors to the symposium are people who have helped define novel expressions in various artistic fields, or who have spent years commenting on these changes. The roster includes composers, music performers, film sound designers, academics and editors of peer-reviewed journals. The program includes the following speakers: Leigh Landy, Barry Truax, Natasha Barrett, Arnt Maasø, Nicolas Collins, Øyvind Brandtsegg, Cristoph Cox, Randy Thom and Gisle Tveito.

In conjunction with the symposium, there will be evening programs, with a concert featuring Barry Truax (composer), Natasha Barrett (composer) and Leigh Landy (composer and editor-in-chief for Organised Sound) and a screening of Apocalypse Now! with an introduction by Randy Thom (sound designer and sound mixer).

Technology and Aesthetics is arranged as a “pre-NIME event” that leads up to the conference proper. Registration is provided for through our registration system. The symposium is organized by NOTAM in collaboration with the Norwegian Film Institute, and supported by the Norwegian Academy of Music and Arts Council Norway.

More information about the symposium.