AMIGO: An Assistive Musical Instrument to Engage, Create and Learn Music

Almeida, Isabela Corintha and Cabral, Giordano and Almeida, Professor Gilberto Bernardes

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

We present AMIGO, a real-time computer music system that assists novice users in the composition process through guided musical improvisation. The system consists of 1) a computational analysis-generation algorithm, which not only formalizes musical principles from examples, but also guides the user in selecting note sequences; 2) a MIDI keyboard controller with an integrated LED stripe, which provides visual feedback to the user; and 3) a real-time music notation, which displays the generated output. Ultimately, AMIGO allows the intuitive creation of new musical structures and the acquisition of Western music formalisms, such as musical notation.