Puff, Puff, Play: A Sip-And-Puff Remote Control for Music Playback

Feldt, Tommy and Freilich, Sarah and Mendonsa, Shaun and Molin, Daniel and Rau, Andreas

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

We introduce the Peripipe, a tangible remote control for a music player that comes in the shape of a wooden tobacco pipe. The design is based on breath control, using sips and puffs as control commands. An atmospheric pressure sensor in the Peripipe senses changes in the air pressure. Based on these changes, the pipe determines when the user performs a puff, double-puff, sip, double-sip or a long puff or long sip action, and wirelessly sends commands to a smartphone running the music player. Additionally, the Peripipe provides fumeovisual feedback, using color-illuminated smoke to display the system status. With the form factor, the materials used, the interaction through breath, and the ephemeral feedback we aim to emphasize the emotional component of listening to music that, in our eyes, is not very well reflected in traditional remote controls.