Freqtric Drums : A Musical Instrument that Uses Skin Contact as an Interface

Baba, Tetsuaki and Ushiama, Taketoshi and Tomimatsu, Kiyoshi

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Freqtric Drums is a new musical, corporal electronic instrument that allows us not only to recover face-to-face communication, but also makes possible body-to-body communication so that a self image based on the sense of being a separate body can be signicant altered through an openness toand even a sense of becoming part of another body. FreqtricDrums is a device that turns audiences surrounding a performer into drums so that the performer, as a drummer, cancommunicate with audience members as if they were a setof drums. We describe our concept and the implementationand process of evolution of Freqtric Drums.