The Perception of Live-sequenced Electronic Music via Hearing and Sight

Baytas, Mehmet Aydin and Goksun, Tilbe and Ozcan, Oguzhan

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

In this paper, we investigate how watching a live-sequenced electronic music performance, compared to merely hearing the music, contributes to spectators’ experiences of tension. We also explore the role of the performers’ effective and ancillary gestures in conveying tension, when they can be seen. To this end, we conducted an experiment where 30 participants heard, saw, or both heard and saw a live-sequenced techno music performance recording while they produced continuous judgments on their experience of tension. Eye tracking data was also recorded from participants who saw the visuals, to reveal aspects of the performance that influenced their tension judgments. We analysed the data to explore how auditory and visual components and the performer’s movements contribute to spectators’ experience of tension. Our results show that their perception of emotional intensity is consistent across hearing and sight, suggesting that gestures in live-sequencing can be a medium for expressive performance.