SoundMorpheus: A Myoelectric-Sensor Based Interface for Sound Spatialization and Shaping

Benson, Christopher and Manaris, Bill and Stoudenmier, Seth and Ward, Timothy

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

We present an innovative sound spatialization and shaping interface, called SoundMorpheus, which allows the placement of sounds in space, as well as the altering of sound characteristics, via arm movements that resemble those of a conductor. The interface displays sounds (or their attributes) to the user, who reaches for them with one or both hands, grabs them, and gently or forcefully sends them around in space, in a 360^∘ circle. The system combines MIDI and traditional instruments with one or more myoelectric sensors. These components may be physically collocated or distributed in various locales connected via the Internet. This system also supports the performance of acousmatic and electronic music, enabling performances where the traditionally central mixing board, need not be touched at all (or minimally touched for calibration). Finally, the system may facilitate the recording of a visual score of a performance, which can be stored for later playback and additional manipulation. We present three projects that utilize SoundMorpheus and demonstrate its capabilities and potential.