Practical Hardware and Algorithms for Creating Haptic Musical Instruments

Berdahl, Edgar and Steiner, Hans-Christoph and Oldham, Collin

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The music community has long had a strong interest in haptic technology. Recently, more effort has been put into making it more and more accessible to instrument designers.This paper covers some of these technologies with the aimof helping instrument designers add haptic feedback to theirinstruments. We begin by giving a brief overview of practicalactuators. Next, we compare and contrast using embeddedmicrocontrollers versus general purpose computers as controllers. Along the way, we mention some common softwareenvironments for implementing control algorithms. Then wediscuss the fundamental haptic control algorithms as well assome more complex ones. Finally, we present two practicaland effective haptic musical instruments: the haptic drumand the Cellomobo.