Embedded Networking and Hardware-Accelerated Graphics with Satellite CCRMA

Berdahl, Edgar and Salazar, Spencer and Borins, Myles

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Satellite CCRMA is a platform for making embedded musical instruments andembedded installations. The project aims to help prototypes live longer byproviding a complete prototyping platform in a single, small, and stand-aloneembedded form factor. A set of scripts makes it easier for artists andbeginning technical students to access powerful features, while advanced usersenjoy the flexibility of the open-source software and open-source hardwareplatform.This paper focuses primarily on networking capabilities of Satellite CCRMA andnew software for enabling interactive control of the hardware-acceleratedgraphical output. In addition, some results are presented from robustness testsalongside specific advice and software support for increasing the lifespan ofthe flash memory.