Using a seeing/blindfolded paradigm to study audience experiences of live-electronic performances with voice

Bergsland, Andreas and ├ůse, Tone

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

As a part of the research project Voice Meetings, a solo live-electronic vocal performance was presented for 63 students. Through a mixed method approach applying both written and oral response, feedback from one blindfolded and one seeing audience group was collected and analyzed. There were marked differences between the groups regarding focus, in that the participants in blindfolded group tended to focus on fewer aspects, have a heightened focus and be less distracted than the seeing group. The seeing group, on its part, focused more on the technological instruments applied in the performance, the performer herself and her actions. This study also shows that there were only minor differences between the groups regarding the experience of skill and control, and argues that this observation can be explained by earlier research on skill in NIMEs.