V’OCT (Ritual): An Interactive Vocal Work for Bodycoder System and 8 Channel Spatialization

Bokowiec, Mark A.

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

V’OCT(Ritual) is a work for solo vocalist/performer and Bodycoder System, composed in residency at Dartington College of Arts (UK) Easter 2010. This paper looks at the technical and compositional methodologies used in the realization of the work, in particular, the choices made with regard to the mapping of sensor elements to various spatialization functions. Kinaesonics will be discussed in relation to the coding of real-time one-to-one mapping of sound to gesture and its expression in terms of hardware and software design. Four forms of expressivity arising out of interactive work with the Bodycoder system will be identified. How sonic (electro-acoustic), programmed, gestural (kinaesonic) and in terms of the V’Oct(Ritual) vocal expressivities are constructed as pragmatic and tangible elements within the compositional practice will be discussed and the subsequent importance of collaboration with a performer will be exposed.