Towards a Virtual Assistant for Performers and Stage Directors

Bonardi, Alain and Truck, Isis and Akdag, Herman

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

In this article, we present the first step of our research work todesign a Virtual Assistant for Performers and Stage Directors,able to give a feedback from performances. We use amethodology to automatically construct fuzzy rules in a FuzzyRule-Based System that detects contextual emotions from anactor’s performance during a show. We collect video data from a lot of performances of the sameshow from which it should be possible to visualize all the emotions and intents or more precisely "intent graphs". To perform this, the collected data defining low-level descriptors are aggregated and converted into high-level characterizations. Then, depending on the retrieved data and on their distributionon the axis, we partition the universes into classes. The last stepis the building of the fuzzy rules that are obtained from the classes and that permit to give conclusions to label the detected emotions.