SMuSIM : a Prototype of Multichannel Spatialization System with Multimodal Interaction Interface

Bozzolan, Matteo and Cospito, Giovanni

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The continuous evolutions in the human-computer interfaces field have allowed the development of control devicesthat let have a more and more intuitive, gestural and noninvasive interaction.Such devices find a natural employment also in the musicapplied informatics and in particular in the electronic music,always searching for new expressive means.This paper presents a prototype of a system for the realtime control of sound spatialization in a multichannel configuration with a multimodal interaction interface. The spatializer, called SMuSIM, employs interaction devices thatrange from the simple and well-established mouse and keyboard to a classical gaming used joystick (gamepad), finallyexploiting more advanced and innovative typologies basedon image analysis (as a webcam).