MMODM: Massively Multipler Online Drum Machine

Tome, Basheer and Haddad, Donald Derek and Machover, Tod and Paradiso, Joseph

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Twitter has provided a social platform for everyone to enter the previously exclusive world of the internet, enriching this online social tapestry with cultural diversity and enabling revolutions. We believe this same tool can be used to also change the world of music creation. Thus we present MMODM, an online drum machine based on the Twitter streaming API, using tweets from around the world to create and perform musical sequences together in real time. Users anywhere can express 16-beat note sequences across 26 different instruments using plain text tweets on their favorite device, in real-time. Meanwhile, users on the site itself can use the graphical interface to locally DJ the rhythm, filters, and sequence blending. By harnessing this duo of website and Twitter network, MMODM enables a whole new scale of synchronous musical collaboration between users locally, remotely, across a wide variety of computing devices, and across a variety of cultures.