Granular Learning Objects for Instrument Design and Collaborative Performance in K-12 Education

Bukvic, Ivica and Baum, Liesl and Layman, Bennett and Woodard, Kendall

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

In the following paper we propose a new tiered granularity approach to developing modules or abstractions in the Pd-L2Ork visual multimedia programming environment with the specific goal of devising creative environments that scale their educational scope and difficulty to encompass several stages within the context of primary and secondary (K-12) education. As part of a preliminary study, the team designed modules targeting 4th and 5th grade students, the primary focus being exploration of creativity and collaborative learning. The resulting environment infrastructure -coupled with the Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Virginia Satellite Linux Laptop Orchestra -offers opportunities for students to design and build original instruments, master them through a series of rehearsals, and ultimately utilize them as part of an ensemble in a performance of a predetermined piece whose parameters are coordinated by instructor through an embedded networked module. The ensuing model will serve for the assessment and development of a stronger connection with content-area standards and the development of creative thinking and collaboration skills.