EpipE: Exploration of the Uilleann Pipes as a Potential Controller for Computer-based Music

Cannon, Cormac and Hughes, Stephen and O’Modhrain, Sile

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

In this paper we present a design for the EpipE, a newexpressive electronic music controller based on the IrishUilleann Pipes, a 7-note polyphonic reeded woodwind. Thecore of this proposed controller design is a continuouselectronic tonehole-sensing arrangement, equally applicableto other woodwind interfaces like those of the flute, recorder orJapanese shakuhachi. The controller will initially be used todrive a physically-based synthesis model, with the eventualgoal being the development of a mapping layer allowing theEpipE interface to operate as a MIDI-like controller of arbitrarysynthesis models.