The Wrist-Conductor

Clay, Arthur and Majoe, Dennis

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The starting point for this project is the want to produce amusic controller that could be employed in such a manner thateven lay public could enjoy the possibilities of mobile art. Allof the works that are discussed here are in relation to a newGPS-based controller, the Wrist-Conductor. The works aretechnically based around the synchronizing possibilitiesusing the GPS Time Mark and are aesthetically rooted in worksthat function in an open public space such as a city or a forest.One of the works intended for the controller, China Gates, i sdiscussed here in detail in order to describe how the GPSWrist-Controller is actually used in a public art context. Theother works, CitySonics, The Enchanted Forest and Get a Pot& a Spoon are described briefly in order to demonstrate thateven a simple controller can be used to create a body of works.This paper also addresses the breaking of the media bubblevia the concept of the open audience, or how mobile art canengage pedestrians as viewers or listeners within public spaceand not remain an isolated experience for performers only.