TOASTER and KROONDE: High-Resolution and High- Speed Real-time Sensor Interfaces

Coduys, Thierry and Henry, Cyrille and Cont, Arshia

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

High capacity of transmission lines (Ethernet in particular) is much higher than what imposed by MIDI today. So it is possible to use capturing interfaces with high-speed and high-resolution, thanks to the OSC protocol, for musical synthesis (either in realtime or non real-time). These new interfaces offer many advantages, not only in the area of musical composition with use of sensors but also in live and interactive performances. In this manner, the processes of calibration and signal processing are delocalized on a personal computer and augments possibilities of processing. In this demo, we present two hardware interfaces developed in La kitchen with corresponding processing to achieve a high-resolution, high-speed sensor processing for musical applications.