Musical Exoskeletons : Experiments with a Motion Capture Suit

Collins, Nick and Kiefer, Chris and Patoli, Zeeshan and White, Martin

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Gaining access to a prototype motion capture suit designedby the Animazoo company, the Interactive Systems groupat the University of Sussex have been investigating application areas. This paper describes our initial experimentsin mapping the suit control data to sonic attributes for musical purposes. Given the lab conditions under which weworked, an agile design cycle methodology was employed,with live coding of audio software incorporating fast feedback, and more reflective preparations between sessions, exploiting both individual and pair programming. As the suitprovides up to 66 channels of information, we confront achallenging mapping problem, and techniques are describedfor automatic calibration, and the use of echo state networksfor dimensionality reduction.