MagNular : Symbolic Control of an External Sound Engine Using an Animated Interface

Dolphin, Andy

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This paper reports on work in progress on the creativeproject MagNular, part of a wider practical study of thepotential collaborative compositional applications of gameengine technologies. MagNular is a sound toy utilizingcomputer game and physics engine technologies to createan animated interface used in conjunction with an externalsound engine developed within Max/MSP. The playercontrols virtual magnets that attract or repel numerousparticle objects, moving them freely around the virtualspace. Particle object collision data is mapped to controlsound onsets and synthesis/DSP (Digital SignalProcessing) parameters. The user "composes" bycontrolling and influencing the simulated physicalbehaviors of the particle objects within the animatedinterface.