A Material Computation Perspective on Audio Mosaicing and Gestural Conditioning

Navab, Navid and Nort, Doug Van and Wei, Sha Xin

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This paper discusses an approach to instrument conception that is based on a careful consideration of the coupling of tactile and sonic gestural action both into and out of the performance system. To this end we propose a design approach that not only considers the materiality of the instrument, but that leverages it as a central part of the conception of the sonic quality, the control structuring and what generally falls under the umbrella of "mapping" design. As we will discuss, this extended computational matter-centric view is of benefit towards holistically understanding an “instrument” gestural engagement, as it is realized through physical material, sonic gestural matter and felt human engagement. We present instrumental systems that have arisen as a result of this approach to instrument design.