Multi-Touch Enhanced Visual Audio-Morphing

Engeln, Lars and Kammer, Dietrich and Brandt, Leon and Groh, Rainer

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Many digital interfaces for audio effects still resemble racks and cases of their hardware counterparts. For instance, DSP-algorithms are often adjusted via direct value input, sliders, or knobs. While recent research has started to experiment with the capabilities offered by modern interfaces, there are no examples for productive applications such as audio-morphing. Audio-morphing as a special field of DSP has a high complexity for the morph itself and for the parametrization of the transition between two sources. We propose a multi-touch enhanced interface for visual audiomorphing. This interface visualizes the internal processing and allows direct manipulation of the morphing parameters in the visualization. Using multi-touch gestures to manipulate audio-morphing in a visual way, sound design and music production becomes more unrestricted and creative.