Real-time Control and Creative Convolution

Engum, Trond

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This paper covers and also describes an ongoing research project focusing on new artistic possibilities by exchanging music technological methods and techniques between two distinct musical genres. Through my background as a guitarist and composer in an experimental metal band I have experienced a vast development in music technology during the last 20 years. This development has made a great impact in changing the procedures for composing and producing music within my genre without necessarily changing the strategies of how the technology is used. The transition from analogue to digital sound technology not only opened up new ways of manipulating and manoeuvring sound, it also opened up challenges in how to integrate and control the digital sound technology as a seamless part of my musical genre. By using techniques and methods known from electro-acoustic/computer music, and adapting them for use within my tradition, this research aims to find new strategies for composing and producing music within my genre.