Evolving Tooka: from Experiment to Instrument

Fels, Sidney S. and Kaastra, Linda and Takahashi, Sachiyo and Mccaig, Graeme

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The Tooka was created as an exploration of two personinstruments. We have worked with two Tooka performers toenhance the original experimental device to make a musicalinstrument played and enjoyed by them. The main additions tothe device include: an additional button that behaves as amusic capture button, a bend sensor, an additional thumbactuated pressure sensor for vibrato, additional musicalmapping strategies, and new interfacing hardware. Thesedevelopments a rose through exper iences andrecommendations from the musicians playing it. In addition tothe changes to the Tooka, this paper describes the learningprocess and experiences of the musicians performing with theTooka.