AtoMIC Pro: a Multiple Sensor Acquisition Device

Fl├ęty, Emmanuel

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Research and musical creation with gestural-oriented interfaces have recently seen a renewal of interest and activity at Ircam [1][2]. In the course of several musical projects, undertaken by young composers attending the one-year Course in Composition and Computer Music or by guests artists, Ircam Education and Creation departments have proposed various solutions for gesture-controlled sound synthesis and processing. In this article, we describe the technical aspects of AtoMIC Pro, an Analog to MIDI converter proposed as a re-usable solution for digitizing several sensors in different contexts such as interactive sound installation or virtual instruments.The main direction of our researches, and of this one in particular, is to create tools that can be fully integrated into an artistic project as a real part of the composition and performance processes.