The WiSe Box: a Multi-performer Wireless Sensor Interface using WiFi and OSC

Fl├ęty, Emmanuel

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The Wise Box is a new wireless digitizing interface for sensors and controllers. An increasing demand for this kind of hardware, especially in the field of dance and computer performance lead us to design a wireless digitizer that allows for multiple users, with high bandwidth and accuracy. The interface design was initiated in early 2004 and shortly described in reference [1]. Our recent effort was directed to make this device available for the community on the form of a manufactured product, similarly to our previous interfaces such as AtoMIC Pro, Eobody or Ethersense [1][2][3]. We describe here the principles we used for the design of the device as well as its technical specifications. The demo will show several devices running at once and used in real-time with a various set of sensors.