DeviceCycle : Rapid and Reusable Prototyping of Gestural Interfaces, Applied to Audio Browsing by Similarity

Frisson, Christian and Macq, Benoı̂t and Dupont, Stéphane and Siebert, Xavier and Tardieu, Damien and Dutoit, Thierry

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This paper presents the development of rapid and reusablegestural interface prototypes for navigation by similarity inan audio database and for sound manipulation, using theAudioCycle application. For this purpose, we propose andfollow guidelines for rapid prototyping that we apply usingthe PureData visual programming environment. We havemainly developed three prototypes of manual control: onecombining a 3D mouse and a jog wheel, a second featuring a force-feedback 3D mouse, and a third taking advantage of the multitouch trackpad. We discuss benefits andshortcomings we experienced while prototyping using thisapproach.