LoopJam: turning the dance floor into a collaborative instrumental map

Frisson, Christian and Dupont, St├ęphane and Leroy, Julien and Moinet, Alexis and Ravet, Thierry and Siebert, Xavier and Dutoit, Thierry

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This paper presents the LoopJam installation which allows participants to interact with a sound map using a 3D com-puter vision tracking system. The sound map results from similarity-based clustering of sounds. The playback of these sounds is controlled by the positions or gestures of partic-ipants tracked with a Kinect depth-sensing camera. The beat-inclined bodily movements of participants in the in-stallation are mapped to the tempo of played sounds, while the playback speed is synchronized by default among all sounds. We presented and tested an early version of the in-stallation to three exhibitions in Belgium, Italy and France. The reactions among participants ranged between curiosity and amusement.