Towards Participatory Design and Evaluation of Theremin-based Musical Interfaces

Geiger, Christian and Reckter, Holger and Paschke, David and Schulz, Florian and Poepel, Cornelius

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Being one of the earliest electronic instruments the basic principles of the Theremin have often been used to design new musical interfaces. We present the structured design and evaluation of a set of 3D interfaces for a virtual Theremin, the VRemin. The variants differ in the size of the interaction space, the interface complexity, and the applied IO devices. We conducted a formal evaluation based on the well-known AttrakDiff questionnaire for evaluating the hedonic and pragmatic quality of interactive products. The presented work is a first approach towards a participatory design process for musical interfaces that includes user evaluation at early design phases.