Scratch-Off : A Gesture Based Mobile Music Game with Tactile Feedback

Gillian, Nicholas and O’Modhrain, Sile and Essl, Georg

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This paper presents Scratch-Off, a new musical multiplayer DJ game that has been designed for a mobile phone. We describe how the game is used as a test platform for experimenting with various types of multimodal feedback. The game uses movement gestures made by the players to scratch a record and control crossfades between tracks, with the objective of the game to make the correct scratch at the correct time in relation to the music. Gestures are detected using the devices built-in tri-axis accelerometer and multi-touch screen display. The players receive visual, audio and various types of vibrotactile feedback to help them make the correct scratch on the beat of the music track. We also discuss the results of a pilot study using this interface.