Sonifying Game-Space Choreographies With UDKOSC

Hamilton, Rob

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

With a nod towards digital puppetry and game-based film genres such asmachinima, recent additions to UDKOSC of- fer an Open Sound Control (OSC)control layer for external control over both third-person ”pawn” entitiesand camera controllers in fully rendered game-space. Real-time OSC input,driven by algorithmic process or parsed from a human-readable timed scriptingsyntax allows users to shape choreographies of gesture, in this case actormotion and action, as well as an audiences view into the game-spaceenvironment. As UDKOSC outputs real-time coordinate and action data generatedby UDK pawns and players with OSC, individual as well as aggregate virtualactor gesture and motion can be leveraged as a driver for both creative andprocedural/adaptive gaming music and audio concerns.