Two Shared Rapid Turn Taking Sound Interfaces for Novices

Hansen, Anne-Marie Skriver and Andersen, Hans Jørgen and Raudaskoski, Pirkko

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This paper presents the results of user interaction with two explorative music environments (sound system A and B) that were inspired from the Banda Linda music tradition in two different ways. The sound systems adapted to how a team of two players improvised and made a melody together in an interleaved fashion: Systems A and B used a fuzzy logic algorithm and pattern recognition to respond with modifications of a background rhythms. In an experiment with a pen tablet interface as the music instrument, users aged 10-13 were to tap tones and continue each other’s melody. The sound systems rewarded users sonically, if they managed to add tones to their mutual melody in a rapid turn taking manner with rhythmical patterns. Videos of experiment sessions show that user teams contributed to a melody in ways that resemble conversation. Interaction data show that each sound system made player teams play in different ways, but players in general had a hard time adjusting to a non-Western music tradition. The paper concludes with a comparison and evaluation of the two sound systems. Finally it proposes a new approach to the design of collaborative and shared music environments that is based on ”listening applications”.