jPop-E : An Assistant System for Performance Rendering of Ensemble Music

Hashida, Mitsuyo and Nagata, Noriko and Katayose, Haruhiro

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This paper introduces jPop-E (java-based PolyPhrase Ensemble), an assistant system for the Pop-E performancerendering system. Using this assistant system, MIDI dataincluding expressive tempo changes or velocity control canbe created based on the user’s musical intention. Pop-E(PolyPhrase Ensemble) is one of the few machine systemsdevoted to creating expressive musical performances thatcan deal with the structure of polyphonic music and theuser’s interpretation of the music. A well-designed graphical user interface is required to make full use of the potential ability of Pop-E. In this paper, we discuss the necessaryelements of the user interface for Pop-E, and describe theimplemented system, jPop-E.