A Directable Performance Rendering System: Itopul

Hashida, Mitsuyo and Ito, Yosuke and Katayose, Haruhiro

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

One of the advantages of case-based systems is that theycan generate expressions even if the user doesn’t know howthe system applies expression rules. However, the systemscannot avoid the problem of data sparseness and do notpermit a user to improve the expression of a certain part ofa melody directly. After discussing the functions requiredfor user-oriented interface for performance rendering systems, this paper proposes a directable case-based performance rendering system, called Itopul. Itopul is characterized by 1) a combination of the phrasing model and thepulse model, 2) the use of a hierarchical music structure foravoiding from the data sparseness problem, 3) visualizationof the processing progress, and 4) music structures directlymodifiable by the user.