Transdisciplinary Methodology: from Theory to the Stage, Creation for the SICMAP

Héon-Morissette, Barah

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

The author’s artistic practice as a composer and performer is transdisciplinary. The body as a vector associated with sound, gesture, video, physical space, and technological space, constitute the six founding elements. They give rise to works between music and dance, between musical theater and multimedia works leading to a new hybrid performative practice. These works are realized using a motion capture system by computer vision, SICMAP (Systéme Interactif de Captation du Mouvement en Art Performatif — Interactive Motion Capture System For The Performative Arts). In this paper, the author situates her artistic practice founded by the three pillars of transdisciplinary research methodology. The path taken by the performer-creator, leading to the conception of the SICMAP, is then explained through a reflection on the ‘dream instrument’. Followed by a technical description, the SICMAP is contextualized using theoretical models: the instrumental continuum and energy continuum, the ‘dream instrument’ and the typology of the instrumental gesture. Initiated by the SICMAP, these are then applied to a new paradigm the gesture-sound space and subsequently put into practice through the creation of the work From Infinity To Within.