The Half-Physler: An oscillating real-time interface to a tube resonator model

Hofmann, Alex and Chatziioannou, Vasileios and Schmutzhard, Sebastian and Erdogan, Gökberk and Mayer, Alexander

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Physics-based sound synthesis allows to shape the sound by modifying parameters that reference to real world properties of acoustic instruments. This paper presents a hybrid physical modeling single reed instrument, where a virtual tube is coupled to a real mouthpiece with a sensor-equipped clarinet reed. The tube model is provided as an opcode for Csound which is running on the low-latency embedded audio-platform Bela. An actuator is connected to the audio output and the sensor-reed signal is fed back into the input of Bela. The performer can control the coupling between reed and actuator, and is also provided with a 3D-printed slider/knob interface to change parameters of the tube model in real-time.