EyeMusic : Performing Live Music and Multimedia Compositions with Eye Movements

Hornof, Anthony J. and Rogers, Troy and Halverson, Tim

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

In this project, eye tracking researchers and computer music composers collaborate to create musical compositions that are played with the eyes. A commercial eye tracker (LC Technologies Eyegaze) is connected to a music and multimedia , , authoring environment (Max/MSP/Jitter). The project addresses issues of both noise and control: How will the performance benefit from the noise inherent in eye trackers and eye movements, and to what extent should the composition encourage the performer to try to control a specific musical outcome? Providing one set of answers to these two questions, the , , authors create an eye-controlled composition, EyeMusic v1.0, which was selected by juries for live performance at computer music conferences., , author KeywordsComputer music, eye tracking, new media art, performance.ACM Classification