A Mobile Music Museum Experience for Children

Jörgensen, Mikkel and Knudsen, Aske and Wilmot, Thomas and Lund, Kasper and Serafin, Stefania and Purwins, Hendrik

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

An interactive music instrument museum experience for children of 10-12 years is presented. Equipped with tablet devices, the children are sent on a treasure hunt. Based on given sound samples, the participants have to identify the right musical instrument (harpsichord, double bass, viola) out of an instrument collection. As the right instrument is located, a challenge of playing an application on the tablet is initiated. This application is an interactive digital representation of the found instrument, mimicking some of its key playing techniques, using a simplified scrolling on screen musical notation. The musical performance of the participant is graded on a point scale. After completion of the challenge, the participants’ performances of the three instruments are played back simultaneously, constituting a composition. A qualitative evaluation of the application in a focus group interview with school children revealed that the children were more engaged when playing with the interactive application than when only watching a music video.