Notation for 3D Motion Tracking Controllers: A Gametrak Case Study

Huberth, Madeline and Nanou, Chryssie

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Notation systems are used in almost all fields, especially for the communication and expression of ideas. This paper proposes and discusses a notation system for Gametrak-based computer music instruments. The notation system’s design is informed both by Western music notation and dance notation, as well as common mappings used in laptop orchestras. It is designed to be sound-agnostic, primarily instructing the performer in their motions. While the discussion of such a notation system may be particularly timely due to the growing commercially-available 3D motion tracking controllers, the notation system may prove especially useful in the context of Gametrak and laptop orchestra, for which score-based representation can help clarify performer interaction and serve as a teaching tool in documenting prior work.