WIJAM: A Mobile Collaborative Improvisation Platform under Master-players Paradigm

Deng, Jun-qi and Lau, Francis Chi Moon and Ng, Ho-Cheung and Kwok, Yu-Kwong and Chen, Hung-Kwan and Liu, Yu-heng

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Music jamming is an extremely difficult task for musical novices. Trying to extend this meaningful activity, which can be highly enjoyable, to a larger recipient group, we present WIJAM, a mobile application for an ad-hoc group of musical novices to perform improvisation along with a music master. In this “master-players” paradigm, the master offers a music backing, orchestrates the musical flow, and gives feedbacks to the players; the players improvise by tapping and sketching on their smartphones. We believe that this paradigm can be a significant contribution to the possibility of music playing by a group of novices with no instrumental training leading to decent musical results.