GeKiPe, a gesture-based interface for audiovisual performance

Fernandez, José Miguel and Köppel, Thomas and Verstraete, Nina and Lorieux, Grégoire and Vert, Alexander and Spiesser, Philippe

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

We present here GeKiPe, a gestural interface for musical expression, combining images and sounds, generated and controlled in real time by a performer. GeKiPe is developed as part of a creation project, exploring the control of virtual instruments through the analysis of gestures specific to instrumentalists, and to percussionists in particular. GeKiPe was used for the creation of a collaborative stage performance (Sculpt), in which the musician and their movements are captured by different methods (infrared Kinect cameras and gesture-sensors on controller gloves). The use of GeKiPe as an alternate sound and image controller allowed us to combine body movement, musical gestures and audiovisual expressions to create challenging collaborative performances.