TAPIR Sound Tag: An Enhanced Sonic Communication Framework for Audience Participatory Performance

Jeon, Jimin and Chae, Gunho and Lee, Edward Jangwon and Yeo, Woon Seung

Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

This paper presents an enhanced sonic data communication method using TAPIR (Theoretically Audible, but Practically Inaudible Range: frequencies above 18kHz) sound and a software toolkit as its implementation. Using inaudible sound as a data medium, a digital data network among the audience and performer can be easily built with microphones and speakers, without requiring any additional hardware. “TAPIR Sound Tag” is a smart device framework for inaudible data communication that can be easily embedded in audience participatory performances and interactive arts. With a bandwidth of 900 Hz, a high transmission rate of 200 bps can be achieved, enabling peer-to-peer or broadcasting real-time data communication among smart devices. This system can be used without any advanced knowledge in signal processing and communication system theory; simply specifying carrier frequency and bandwidth with a few lines of code can start data communication. Several usage scenarios of the system are also presented, such as participating in an interactive performance by adding and controlling sound, and collaborative completion of an artist’s work by audience. We expect this framework to provide a new way of audience interaction to artists, as well as further promoting audience participation by simplifying the process: using personal smart devices as a medium and not requiring additional hardware or complex settings.